"Until we extend the hand of humanity to all living beings, man will not know peace." -Albert Schweitzer



The Universal Declaration on Animal Sentience helps us understand the true nature of the non-human animals with which we share this beautiful home we call Earth. Many of us have a deep bond/connection with our companion animals (pets) that share our homes, and these animals are treated as another family member with love and respect. So what is it that we as individuals forget or have been told for so long that it has become second nature, to honor and love one being but not another? Why do we teach our children to be kind to animals, yet in the very same breath teach them to consume the dead decomposing flesh of another?

All sentient beings feel and sense the world similar to the way we do. They give life to their own children and love their own children just as we do our own. This love is no different than the love we feel, as well as the deep bond that comes with it.

Unfortunately for the 65 billion non-human animals that are bred for food each year, love is the furthest thing from their experience. Their lives are a horrific nightmare that could only be dreamed up in the most horrifying of stories if it weren't true. A life so terrible that many of these beautiful, sensitive, creatures go insane because of the inhumane, overcrowded, and unsanitary conditions that they are so brutally forced to "live" within. Their only glimpse of hope is to suffer a quick death, but even that is not granted to them as most suffer long, torturous, and painful deaths.

When we understand that all sentient beings feel and experience the world similar to us on an emotional level, and we also know that we can thrive on a plant-based diet, we are now left with a choice which not only defines who we are as individuals but also how much we are part of the problem or the solution to this terrible unneeded suffering.

Pigs are the 5th most intelligent animal on the planet and smarter than dogs and human children up to 3 years old. These beautiful sentient beings are the second most consumed animal on the planet and deserve much more respect than man presently gives them.