IMAGINE NEVER HAVING TO GO ON A DIET AGAIN and always being at your optimal health? A healthy LIFESTYLE is the only solution to reoccurring weight and health issues, as DIETS DO NOT WORK. Learning the amazing benefits that Whole Plant-Based foods offer will give you the knowledge to open up your world of food and health, and give you an understanding of how food can act as preventative medicine.

Every single thing we ingest has a direct impact on our bodies.  Fueling our bodies correctly has a profound effect on how we feel and how our organs, muscles, and senses act and react. This is why it is important to take charge of our own health, for self care is the only true care and we are all the masters of our health or dis-ease.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently linked Cancer to the consumption of meat, along with other studies that have shown people who adopted eating whole plant-based foods suffer much less heart disease, cancers, auto-immune disease, type II diabetes, obesity, and weight problems. Plant-based eaters are shown to live longer and healthier lives.

What I offer is an education of how to eat Plant-Based, an education that you can incorporate into your life, at the grocery store or in restaurants when you go out. The foods we have come to know and love so well are killing us at an epidemic rate. Knowing this information in this day and age gives you a huge advantage towards looking after you and your loved ones health.

We all know someone who has suffered or died from these diseases. However, with preventative medicine through eating correctly, we can avoid 80% or more of these diseases from ever happening. My job is to share with you what I have learned, why many others and I thrive from eating plant-based, and to offer you the opportunity to try this life changing experience in a one on one fun, supportive, and positive environment.

This is not about giving up the things we have come to know as food but adding into your life a modern and scientifically proven perspective to improving your health immensely.

Additionally, along with all the amazing health benefits, are the critical and numerous environmental issues. Factory farming is accountable for more greenhouse gases (up to 51%) than all the modes of transportation combined, as well as soil degradation, water pollution, and water consumption.

One final and very personal note is the ethical and moral aspect of eating only plant-based. The cessation of non human animal suffering is another reason many choose to adopt eating plant-based. Modern science has proven the sentience of these animals and their ability to feel love, joy, pain, and sadness. These beings form close bonds with their offspring and their communities. This is why they say peace truly begins in our hearts and minds and on our plates.

I have a passion for bringing awareness to all these issues and once you are aware, you can then make a fully educated choice for yourself and your future.

Marc S Wood

"Our bodies are our gardens, to which our wills are gardeners"-Shakespeare