I was brought up in a small fishing village called  Eyemouth, in the South East of Scotland, where the air was fresh, the water was clean, and all the food we ate was organic. Dreaming of a better life, I headed off to live in Madrid at age 19 to teach English, and then onto London which would become my home for over 6 years. It was there in London at age 23 that I had my first experience of what animal rights was all about, and what would be the start of my journey towards Veganism.

One day in Earls Court, the equivalent of Madison Square Gardens in New York, I went to see an animal rights convention. It was here for the first time that I was made aware of the suffering and cruelty that animals are subjected to, be it for consumption, entertainment, or for research in all sorts of aspects (medical, cosmetics, etc). This was to be the turning point in my life, and from that day forward I gave up eating meat. That was 22 years ago. Several cities later, and with a plethora of experiences, my journey finally led me to New York City. I have lived here now for 17 years, and am still in love with this city as much as I was when I arrived back in 1996. I eventually turned Vegan after meeting with a Vegan friend, who educated me in the dangers of dairy and the cruelty of the dairy industry, so for me it was an easy step from vegetarian to Vegan.

This step proved to be the single most important choice I’ve ever made.

Always interested in helping people, I volunteered with The Hospice of New York for a few years which was a profound experience. Witnessing people suffering from diseases, mostly cancer, ebb painfully and slowly out of this world, got me thinking about why is it so many people in the western world die from cancers and heart disease? Does it have to be this way? I began to educate myself about the causes of such diseases and I studied the T Colin Campbell course on Plant-Based diet through Cornell University and received my Family Health Coaching certification from Dr Sears Wellness Institute. These courses helped everything come together for me. Health, animal advocacy, and the environment all are affected by what we ingest, and being a Vegan has a tremendously positive impact on all three subjects.

Enter my love for cooking healthy food for myself over the last 20+ years, add to this the knowledge from the course, and I started helping others by going into their homes and giving lessons on how to cook tasty and nutritious plant-based meals.
Now many happy and healthier clients later, I continue to educate myself and feel blessed to have found this lifestyle and to have the honor of sharing it with you, another profound experience.

Thank You
Marc S Wood


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"Compassion and tolerance are not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength."-Dalai Lama
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